Diamond Sports x Newcastle Griffins Rugby Club





Diamond sports are the apparel partner for Newcastle Griffins Rugby Club, supplying on court kit for all their teams and age groups. As well as off court kit for coaches, staff and fans.

We have helped rebrand and modernise their look with standout kits for special event rounds like the indigenous inspired design showcased here.




In the world of rugby, where strength and agility are paramount, our lightweight yet incredibly strong custom rugby kit fabric sets a new standard in performance wear. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, our fabric offers rugby players the perfect balance of durability and flexibility. Its lightweight nature allows for unrestricted movement on the field, ensuring players can tackle, scrum, and sprint with ease. At the same time, the fabric’s remarkable strength withstands the rigors of the game.




Looking to progress your Rugby club or association with premium custom sportswear? Diamond Sports offers an exclusive line of customisable Rugby apparel that’s designed to enhance your performance while making a style statement and keeping your club costs low.

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